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Be the player

Due to the lack of time a coach gets with their players, they have to focus on teaching you the game, skills and team play. They do not necessarily have the time, resources and knowledge to improve your athletic ability and performance. Likewise, most clubs do not have access to S&C coaches, Nutritionists, Sports Psychologists and Therapists.

hrm basketball has assembled a team of specialists that will give you, the player, the resources and support you need to become the best athlete you can be and elevate your game to the next level. We will also bring you content by collaborating with our network of experts and partners.



Basketball is a relentless sport and therefore focus on conditioning is a priority to excel. There is a need to build mobility, strength and stability in all planes of movement. You also need to improve your ability to decrease in-game recovery time, resulting in more minutes on court. Then there are 5 other core attributes:

Endurance (anaerobic threshold)
Strength (improve physical presence)
Vertical and Horizontal jumping power
Agility – explosive lateral movement and change of direction


Most simply, nutrition is important for athletes because it provides a source of energy required to perform. The foods we eat impact on our strength, training, performance and recovery. Not only is the type of food important for sports nutrition but the times we eat throughout the day also has an impact on our performance levels and our bodies ability to recover after exercising. Each individual can have different needs to get the balance right.

Following a healthy diet enables your body to function optimally in other areas such as immunity and mental performance. Nutrition is also important when recovering from injuries and this is often overlooked. hrm basketball helps all levels of athletes to achieve optimal sports nutrition in order to meet their performance goals.


Increasing your body’s capacity to deal with the demands of Basketball will aid its recovery. In addition to conditioning and nutrition, prioritising adequate sleep, rest and relaxation enable you to recover both physically and mentally. Getting the correct balance of all of these areas will help you recover, regenerate and keep performance optimal. This will not only help you on the court but also the other areas of your life too


Resilience is our ability to cope in the face of adversity and stress When you take care of your mind and body, you improve your ability to deal with the demands of Basketball and with the challenges in your life. Resilient players may have negative thoughts but they don’t let their negative thoughts derail them from their goals.

Improve your ability to manage the game, your daily routines, school or work and your social/team relationships


Once all the training and preparation is done, one of the biggest contributors to elite performance is the mindset of the athlete. Mindset is your mental outlook and how it can help or hinder you in the moment of competition.

Many athletes think that natural ability will take them to their goals but many fall short. Those with the right mindset to achieve success will often outshine those with more natural ability. Mindset can determine your ability to achieve your goals and perform to the highest level.


Improving knowledge, both of the game and of yourself can help you flourish. Knowledge and education are vital to progress in life and in Basketball. Knowledge is also a key factor in recovering from injuries.

Improving your knowledge can help you reach your potential whatever your goal in life. It will provide the motivation for making significant changes and helping you achieve success.


This our goal…to help you develop. To improve your self-awareness, help you problem-solve and achieve your goals. Whether your goals are within the sport or outside of  it, we can help you develop you.

Development is key.